Track 1: General EMI Sessions

Session 1.1 Real Time Hybrid Simulation A
Moderators: Narutoshi Nakata and Jerome Lynch
Monday, August 5, 10:15 a.m. - 12:15 p.m.
104 Big Ten Room

(165) "Numerical advances in the pseudo-dynamic testing technique with non-linear substructuring applied to a reinforced concrete bridge" - Oreste Bursi, University of Trento (Italy)

(52) "A numerical Study on Adaptive Compensation for Real-Time Hybrid Simulation" - Cheng Chen, San Francisco State University (USA)

(110) "Model updating with constrained unscented Kalman filter for real-time hybrid simulation" - Bin Wu, Harbin Institute of Technology (China)

(494) "Decoupling loop shaping controller for multi-degrees-of-freedom effective force testing" - Narutoshi Nakata, Johns Hopkins University (USA)

(151) "System-Level Vibration Testing of Marine Equipment using Real Time Hybrid Simulation" - Joseph Franco, University of Connecticut (USA)

(153) "Exact Stability Analysis for Uniaxial Real-Time Hybrid Simulation of 1-DOF and 2-DOF Structural Systems" - Rui Botelho, University of Connecticut (USA)

Session 1.2 Real Time Hybrid Simulation B
Moderators: Narutoshi Nakata and Jeffrey Scruggs
Monday, August 5, 2:30 p.m. - 4:30 p.m.
104 Big Ten Room

(346) "Feedforward Actuator Control using the Backward Difference Method for Real-Time Hybrid Simulation" - Brian Phillips, University of Maryland (USA)

(282) "Real-time Hybrid SImulations of a Large-scale Steel Structure with Nonlinear Viscous Dampers" - Baiping Dong, Lehigh University (USA)

(360) "Unconditionally stable explicit integration algorithm with controllable numerical dissipation for application to real-time hybrid simulation" - Chinmoy Kolay, Lehigh University (USA)

(376) "Implementation and Verification of Real-time Hybrid Simulation Using User Re-configurable Control/Computational Platform" - Oya Mercan, University of Toronto (Canada)

(399) "Establishing Effective Partitioning to Enable Stable Real-time Hybrid Simulation" - Amin Maghareh, Purdue University (USA)

Session 1.3 Real Time Hybrid Simulation C
Moderators: Jerome Lynch and Jeffrey Scruggs
Monday, August 5, 5:00 p.m. - 7:00 p.m.
104 Big Ten Room

(492) "Advanced control of servo-hydraulic actuators for real-time hybrid simulation" - Yunbyeong Chae, Lehigh University (USA)

(404) "Enabling System-level Real Time Hybrid Simulation with Hierarchical Multi-level Models" - Gregor Bunting, Purdue University (USA)

(455) "Effect of actuator crosstalk in mixed force and displacement control for real-time hybrid simulation" - Matthew Stehman, Johns Hopkins University (USA)

(500) "Verification of real-time hybrid simulation with shake table tests" - Ali Ozdagli, Purdue University (USA)

(159) "Multi-site real-time hybrid simulation of MR dampers for response reduction" - Xin Li, Tongji University (China)

Session 1.4 Sustainable Concrete
Moderators: Jialai Wang and Christian Hoover
Tuesday, August 6, 10:15 a.m. - 12:15 p.m.
104 Big Ten Room

(272) "Enable carbon nanotube inforcement in infrastructure material using Poptube Approach" - Jialai Wang, The University of Alabama (USA)

(103) " Can nanofilaments enhance the sustainability of concrete?" - Ardavan Yazdanbakhsh, City College of New York (USA)

(688) "Experimental determination of early age fracture properties in white cement paste and link to hydration degree" - Christian Hoover, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (USA)

(510) "Nano Particle Reinforced Composites for Infrastructure Protection" - Hunain Alkhateb, University of Mississippi (USA)

(613) "Relationship between fresh and hardened states in polycarboxylate superplasticized concretes with nano-SiO2 additions" - Luis Zapata, University of Puerto Rico (Puerto Rico)

(298) "Dispersion of carbon nanotubes in highly alkaline environment in ordinary Portland cement paste" - Shu Jian Chen, Monash University (Australia)

Session 1.5 Bio-Inspired Structural Health Monitoring
Moderators: Simon Laflamme and Sinan Keten
Tuesday, August 6, 2:30 p.m. - 4:30 p.m.
104 Big Ten Room

(157) "Bio-Inspired Membrane for Condition Assessment of Wind Turbine Blades" - Simon Laflamme, Iowa State University (USA)

(509) "Cochlea-inspired sensors for real-time structural control applications" - Courtney Peckens, University of Michigan (USA)

(231) "Characterization of a Novel Surface Sensor for Bridge Weigh-in-Motion Applications" - Justin Dahlberg, Iowa State University (USA)

(244) "Data Measurement Method for Networks of Capacitor-Based Strain Gauges" - Hussam Saleem, Iowa State University (USA)

Session 1.6 Engineering Education
Moderators: Karen Chou and James Ledlie Klosky
Tuesday, August 6, 5:00 p.m. - 7:00 p.m.
104 Big Ten Room

Keynote Lecture: (234) "The Case for Broad Infrastructure Education" combined with (29) "Infrastructure education at West Point" - James Ledlie Klosky, United States Military Academy, West Point (USA)

(475) "Science Master’s Program in Sustainable and Resilient Infrastructure at Clemson University" - Ron Andrus, Clemson University (USA)

(547) "It Takes a Community” - An interdisciplinary educational approach to facility resilience" - Wayne Boone, Carleton University (Canada)

(281) "A General Education Course on Infrastructure: Going Beyond Required Technical Competencies" - Michael Keith Thompson, The University of Wisconsin - Platteville (USA)

(31) "Application of load cell in Engineering Mechanics Laboratory - Scope for academicians and equipment manufacturers" - Hariharan Subramanyan, Thadomal Shahani Engineering College (India)

Session 1.7 Masonry for sustainability, resilience and affordability
Moderators: Ece Erdogmus and Fabio Matta
Wednesday, August 7, 10:15 a.m. - 12:15 p.m.
104 Big Ten Room

(659) "The Compressive Strength of Stabilized and Fiber-Reinforced Earthen Mortars: Challenges in curing, compression testing, and test result consistency" - Ece Erdogmus, University of Nebraska-Lincoln (USA)

(228) "Earthen bricks (adobe) for frame infill walls under seismic loading" - Marco Preti, University of Brescia (Italy)

(233) "Analytical tools for displacement-based seismic design of reinforced masonry shear-wall structures" - Farhad Ahmadi, University of Texas at Austin (USA)

(598) "Stabilized earthen masonry with recycled plastic reinforcement for affordable dwellings in extreme wind regions" - Mabel Cuellar-Azcarate, University of South Carolina (USA)

(437) "Cement Stabilized Earth Block Wall Experimentation and Computational Modeling" - Adam Tennant, University of Illinois at CHicago (USA)

(147) "Finite Element Modeling of a RC frame with masonry infill and mesh reinforced mortar subjected to earthquake loading" - Laura Redmond, Georgia Institute of Technology (USA)

Session 1.8 Infrastructure Resilience
Moderator: Mohammed Ettouney
Wednesday, August 7, 2:30 p.m. - 4:30 p.m.
104 Big Ten Room

"Resilience in Engineering Mechanics: Knowledge gaps" - Amar Chaker, American Society of Civil Engineers (USA)

"Resilience of Buildings" - Martin Denholm, Smith Group (USA)

"Introduction: Resilience and Engineering Mechanics" - Mohammed Ettouney, Weidlinger Associates, Inc. (USA)

"US-DHS program of Infrastructure Resilience" - Roger Grant, National Institute of Building Sciences (USA)

"Resilience Monitoring" - Jerome Lynch, University of Michigan (USA)