Plenary Speaker Robert Dalrymple

Professor Robert Dalrymple

Professor Robert Dalrymple

Johns Hopkins University

Violent Flows and GPUs

Breaking waves at a beach, dam break flooding of a city, and splash-down of a space capsule are all examples of violent flows, where the free surface of the water deforms tremendously.  Modeling of these flows requires techniques that can readily deal with the kinematics of a complex free surface. 

One such method is Smoothed Particle Hydrodynamics, which is a particle-based Lagrangian method. Treatment of free surfaces in the absence of surface tension is trivial.   Two open source codes are available for the use of these methods: SPhysics and GPUSPH.  Both have been used to model violent flows.

GPUSPH is a GPU-only code, taking advantage of NVidia graphics cards to accelerate the method for treat realistic problems with reasonable compute times.  Examples of GPUSPH applied to violent flows will be shown. 

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