Plenary Speaker Giulio Maier

Professor Giulio Maier

Professor Giulio Maier

Politecnico di Milano, Italy

Innovative Inverse Analysis Procedures for Mechanical Characterization of Materials and Diagnosis of Structures

Inverse structural analysis for the identifications of parameters on the basis of experimental data and  computer simulations of the experiment is at  present a growing methodological area of applied mechanics, with more and more meaningful consequences in various areas of engineering practice.
A survey is presented herein of some recent research contributions to methods of inverse structural analysis based on statical tests for diagnosis of possibly damaged structures and for mechanical characterization of materials in diverse industrial environments.The following issues are briefly considered as examples:
identifications of parameters in material models and of residual stresses on the basis of indentation experiments at diverse scales; mechanical characterization of free-foils and laminates by tensile cruciform  tests and digital image correlation measurements; diagnosis of concrete dams, possibly affected by alkali-silica-reaction or otherwise damaged; mechanical characterization of geological layers in order to improve offshore drilling safety.
An innovative issue, common to the applications considered, is represented by model reduction, specifically by a "proper orthogonal decomposition" procedure, apt to make  the parameter estimation computationally economical and applicable "in situ" .

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