Infrastructure Sustainability and Resiliency are two fundamental issues at the forefront of modern engineering. This conference will serve as a forum to exchange ideas, assess the state-of-art, and offer a future outlook on how Engineering Mechanics can contribute to the development of more resilient and more sustainable infrastructures. The technical sessions and mini-symposia will also point out the need for cross-disciplinary research and education and will highlight the role of Engineering Mechanics as a powerful link across different disciplines. For more information about the Track click on the link for a list of the mini-symposia.

Topic 06: Computational Mechanics

          Professor Caglar Oskay    Professor Haim Waisman

Chairs: Caglar Oskay,   Haim Waisman

Topic 07: Fluid Mechanics

            Professor Lucy Zhang    Professor Q. Jim Chen

Chairs: Lucy Zhang,   Q. Jim Chen

Topic 08: Geomechanics

            Professor John Rudnicki     Professor Giuseppe Buscarnera

Chairs: John Rudnicki,   Giuseppe Buscarnera

Topic 09: Materials

            Professor Horacio Espinosa    Professor Kalpana Katti

Chairs: Horacio Espinosa,   Kalpana Katti

Topic 10: Life-Cycle Performance

            Doctor Roman Wendner    Professor Paolo Gardoni

Chairs: Roman Wendner,   Paolo Gardoni

Topic 01: General EMI Sessions

                     Professor Karen Chou     Professor Saeed Moaveni

Chairs:  Karen Chou,   Saeed Moaveni

Topic 02: Manmade and Natural Hazards

           Professor James Baylot       Professor Gianluca Cusatis

Chairs: James Baylot,   Gianluca Cusatis

Topic 03: Aging, Deterioration, and Retrofitting

             Professor Christian Carloni   Professor Francesco Pesavento

Chairs: Christian Carloni,   Francesco Pesavento

Topic 04:

Cementitious Materials

            Professor Fabio Matta    Professor Zhanping You

Chairs: Fabio Matta,   Zhanping You

Topic 05: Structural Mechanics

           Professor Eric Landis    Professor Raissa Ferron-Douglas

Chairs: Eric Landis,   Raissa Ferron-Douglas

Call for Mini-Symposia

Each thematic track will be composed of about 40 to 50 presentations organized in mini-symposia. Each mini-symposium will be further subdivided in sessions and each session will feature up to 5 presentations. Organization of mini-symposia focusing on specific topics within the tracks are sought at this time.

Interested mini-symposium organizers should send mini-symposium title, abstract (< 300 words), and a tentative list a speakers to the track chairs. Preliminary discussion of mini-symposium proposals with the conference chair is recommended.